New Website Launched for No Win No Fee & Accident Claims in Manchester

This week I’ve been involved with the launch of  I am working in partnership with some personal injury solicitors that I know in the Manchester area, with the idea being that the website will eventually be the leading online resource for anybody wishing to make a personal injury or personal accident claim in the Manchester area (or surrounding suburbs).  I’ve already referenced their homepage on a previous post so today wanted to bring your attention to two new pages which were launched this week which you can see no the links below.

One page is relating to how no win no fee works for those in Manchester, whilst the other one is all about accident claims in Manchester.  I personally recommend these guys hugely as they know what they are doing when it comes to this form of the law and are very reputable.  Check them out if you need to make a claim – you should find them very good.

They also have a good couple of videos here and here.

How One Man’s Slip on his Shower Mat Could Change Personal Injury Law

I read an interesting article recently in the Times about how a man had slipped in his shower, and actually managed to put a personal injury claim through and won a sizable amount of compensation.  By all account he stepped into his shower and was standing on the shower mat when it slipped – resulting in fractures to his arm and jaw. 

He approached a personal injury solicitor to see whether or not he could hold the non slip shower mat manufacturer liable for damages.  Believe it or not, he did actually end up winning his case, despite the fact that you could say he was negligent on his part due to not checking that the shower mat was secure before stepping into the shower. 

In my view, cases such as this could end up meaning changes to personal injury law, where a lot more onus has to be placed upon personal responsibility.  There is certainly a culture of blame and compensation being pursued through UK courts at the moment and it can put a bad light on the personal injury legal industry, especially for the more bona-fide and legitimate firms such as KA Bedford.   

Interestingly, I recently actually bought some non-slip shower mats to go in my bathroom at home.  Makes you wonder if this whole case might not have happened if only the man in question had been using non slip shower mats and strips?  You can buy them from here – make sure you use them and affix them correctly.

Life in Manchester as a Personal Injury Solicitor and Record Collector

Hey Guys, and welcome to my personal blog. On here I will be generally talking about the two main loves of my life – rare vinyl, and of course personal injury as that’s my main line of work.  Today so far has been a great day as I managed to pick up the original version of this classic track from the old Manchester baggy scene (or “Madchester” as some people like to call it).

I am a huge fan of the Stone Roses - without doubt these guys were true pioneers of the Manchester music scene.  Alongside Oasis and the Happy Mondays they produced some outstanding tracks – and today my vinyl 12 inch version of the above tune landed in my post box – well happy!

Outside of collecting rare pieces of vinyl, I work as a personal injury solicitor in Manchester.  

We have very recently started to make update to our website, and are embarking on a social media campaign which is the main reason for me to signing up to Tumblr – so I can make some more online noise about our personal injury company and how we help people to make accident claims in the Manchester area.  For example, here’s is a recent video I helped to put together all about personal injury solicitors in Manchester – it was titled that way so people can find it better in Youtube.

I hope you like the soundtrack - I personally picked it!

I will be adding more and more blog posts over the coming weeks so please bookmark or favourite me if you work in personal injury, or have an interest in the Manchester music scene or record collecting.