Life in Manchester as a Personal Injury Solicitor and Record Collector

Hey Guys, and welcome to my personal blog. On here I will be generally talking about the two main loves of my life – rare vinyl, and of course personal injury as that’s my main line of work.  Today so far has been a great day as I managed to pick up the original version of this classic track from the old Manchester baggy scene (or “Madchester” as some people like to call it).

I am a huge fan of the Stone Roses - without doubt these guys were true pioneers of the Manchester music scene.  Alongside Oasis and the Happy Mondays they produced some outstanding tracks – and today my vinyl 12 inch version of the above tune landed in my post box – well happy!

Outside of collecting rare pieces of vinyl, I work as a personal injury solicitor in Manchester.  

We have very recently started to make update to our website, and are embarking on a social media campaign which is the main reason for me to signing up to Tumblr – so I can make some more online noise about our personal injury company and how we help people to make accident claims in the Manchester area.  For example, here’s is a recent video I helped to put together all about personal injury solicitors in Manchester – it was titled that way so people can find it better in Youtube.

I hope you like the soundtrack - I personally picked it!

I will be adding more and more blog posts over the coming weeks so please bookmark or favourite me if you work in personal injury, or have an interest in the Manchester music scene or record collecting.